Needle Stimulator
May 1, 2017
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April 14, 2017

Digital Needle Stimulator

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Product Overview
This innovative Digital Needle Stimulator sets a new standard for electrostimulation of acupuncture points, allows you to fine-tune your treatments with exacting precision for a great patient experience. This needle stimulator has the highest quality electronics, latest technical innovation, easy-to-use operating elements, and reliable safety standards. It records exact intensity settings in your patients' file, so you can pick up precisely where you left off at your next appointment.

Technical Parameters
Output Wave Form: Asymmetric double triangle tip wave and output wave is rectangular wave
Pulse Frequency: adjustable in 1-100Hz
Output Pulse Width: 0.175ms
Output Peak Voltage Value: high level 50V±30% (Load 500Ω) | Low level 20V±30% (Load 250Ω)
Output Pulse Channel: 6 channels

Output Wire: 9 pcs
Self-adhesive Electrode 50×50mm: 4 pcs
Exclusive Clips: 12 pcs (Length≤28mm)
Manual: 1 pc


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